Revealing How A 34 Year Old Computer Game Addict

Makes A Full Time Income Working A Few Hours A Week​

(From The Tallest Peak In Melaka)

It Wasn’t Always Like This

Back In 2015…

After 2 Business Failures And Maxed Out His Credit Card Limit…

He was Broke, Desperate & Running Out Of Time

He envied everyone who could enjoy their dinner because 
He was eating bihun and Bak Choy for every night (cooked by himself to save $)

Forget about eating out with friends,
he can’t afford teh tarik sessions with friends, even if he had any friends left.
(Most friends blacklisted him after he joined network marketing.)

He didn’t know if he can afford to pay the rent next month and
He was terrified at the thought of moving back with his parents
and forced to tell them
“I Failed Again, I Lost Your Money Again”

All he knew at that time was escaping to computer games,
playing 6 to 12 hours a day. thinking somehow all his problems will go away.

But deep down, 
he knew he needed answers,
he needed a way out of this nightmare.

Do you know someone like this?

Maybe, you know someone very close to you who is facing this problem.
Maybe, you are facing this problem.

What Got Him Out Of This Mess?

"A Skill"

What Is This About:

What This Isn’t:

What Do We Do:

We Offer Digital Marketing Services To Local & International Business Owners.

Managing Social Media Accounts

Market Research

Building Websites

Writing Emails

Creating Online Advertisement

Analyze Ad Performance

What Is Your Role:

Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Learn From Us While You Are

Working On Our Projects (Profit Sharing)

Serving Your Own Customers (You Keep 100% Profits)

(We Don’t Expect You To Know Any Of The Tasks Above,
But Any Experience You Have Will Be To Your Advantage.)

Who Is This For:

Who Shouldn’t Come:

"it's not going to be easy,

it's just going to be worth it"

So, If You Believe You Are The Right Candidate