"...a high level of professionalism and integrity...I highly recommend Jay to any service based business."

Yeap Soon Aik, Top Lelong Vendor
Tools I Use Boost Profits:
Get Your Digital Marketing Up And Running
(These Are A Must If You Want To Start Digital Marketing)
My Mailman Who Will Make Sure All My Love Letters Are Sent On Time
(And To The Right Person)
All In One Digital Marketing Toolbox
(Recommended For Newcomers To Internet Marketing)
InterServer Web Hosting and VPS
The REAL Unlimited Web Hosting
(Just Get The $5 Per Month Standard Package, It's More Than Enough)
Time To Get Serious
(Tools That Reduce Automate My Work)
My Front Desk Who Never Sleeps
(Because I Can't Be Awake 24/7 To Answer Questions)
My Prospect Interviewer
(So I Can Kick Tyre Kickers Before They Kick My Tyre)
My Personal Secretary Who Schedules All My Appointments
(So I Don't Miss My Dates Or Go Crazy Because Of Time Zones)
My Website Builder
(Because Everyone & Everything Will Work With Wordpress)
The Social Media Graphic Designer I Never Hire
(Probably The Only Recommendation I'm Not Using Myself Because I Outsource Graphic Design To Humans Nowadays )
My Graphic Designer That Gives Life To My Work
(Because The eBook Is Always Judged By The Cover)
Tools For Geeks To Get That Extra 1% Conversion
(You Probably Shouldn't Be Wasting Time With These)
OBS Studio
Record My Video Training & Help Me Go Live On Facebook / Youtube
(Because OBS Is The Only Tool That Allows Shy Nerds To Appear Like A Superstar On Social Media During Live Videos)
The Quickest Way To Tell People You Are Crazy
(Because You Have To Be A Real Geek To Get Excited About Every Single Action People Take On Your Website)
The Reason Why My Video Editing Sucks
(Because A Bad Workman Blames His Tools, And Because This Video Editor Will Crash When Your Video Editing Gets Too Complex.
I Only Use This Because I Refuse To Learn A New Tool. Please Don't Use This.)
If You Are Considering Getting Any Tools For Your Digital Marketing,
Please Chat With Me Before Buying.

(So I Can Tell You Why You Don't Need It.)