Automated Registration & Payment

ComponentInfoDeliverables & Revisions
Registration Page Single webpage to show visitors the event details and
allow them to register & pay for the event.

1 Registration Page
(5 Revisions)

Payment ProcessorReceive Payments (With Paypal)Link the website to your Paypal account
Collect Leads Info Collect Information From Registrants
(Name, Email, Phone Number)
Collect and Display all leads info 
Notification EmailsSend you emails when someone
register or pays for the event.
Send you notification to your email

Email Database &
Email Reminders

Send out fully customizable reminder emails
whenever you wish and as many times as you want

Automatically Send emails to registrants

Pre-write 5 emails with you
(3 Revisions each email)

Training Provided:

1. How To View Your Leads 
How to login to the website and view all leads information.

2. How To View Which Leads Already Read Your Emails
How to login to the email service and check which Leads already read tour emails.

3. How To Avoid The SPAM Folder
How to get your email read instead of being deleted instantly or entering the SPAM folder.

4. How To Send Reminder Emails
How to edit existing reminder emails and send them automatically.

5. How To Send New Emails
How To Send New Email To Promote Your New Events & Offers

Other Tools Needed:

Email Autoresponder: Cost $15 A month
What does it do:

  • Avoid your emails entering SPAM folder
  • Collect your event registrants name & email
  • Automatically send event registrants reminders to attend the event
  • Send emails to promote your new event & offers 

Other Optional Tools

These are not necessary,
but I recommend you to get them for
better branding & better email delivery (less likely to enter SPAM folder).

1. Your Own Domain
(you may buy from
2. Your Own Domain Email
(you need not buy, once you bought your domain I can set this up for you)

Other Tools Needed (But Provided)

These are necessary,
and they will be provided by me.

1. High Speed Hosting
(GoDaddy & Exabytes is a disaster. Don’t Buy Their Hosting)

2. Full Fledge WordPress Website
It used to be you can get by with a standalone webpage for registration.
But today every authority figure have their personal website
to pre-sell potential customers and build trust before they make any purchasing decision.

3. Marketing & Reporting Software
If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.

We make the website work for you by providing you insights on
what is selling well and what is under performing.
So you can know where to make changes and improvements.

These insights and data collected can be used to
get more visitors from Google & Facebook in the future.

How To Get Started

Payment Method 1:
CIMB Bank Transfer
860 1155 356 Next Level Technology

Payment Method 2:
Click On The “Buy Now” Button Below
(You will complete the transaction via Paypal)