Minimalist Profit Scaling

For Coaches and Experts Looking To

Scale Their Business While Doing Less

Phase 1:

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

  1. Identify Hidden Goldmine Audience
  2. Identify Your Audience Needs
  3. Legally Steal Customers From Your Competitors

Phase 2:

Boost Authority In Your Niche

  1. Prepare Content To Establish Your Authority
  2. Enhance Your Existing Content
  3. Re-purpose Your Content

Phase 3:

Seal The Leaks In Your Funnel

& Automate Your Success

  1. Craft A High Converting Funnel 
  2. Have Unavoidable + Automated Follow Ups To Secure The Sale
  3. Automate The Entire Process So You Can Focus On What You Do Best

" To Increase Profits, You Need To Work Less "

Are You Spending Too Much Time On Social Media, Blogging And Getting Visitors Only To Get Little Or No Results For Your Efforts?
Been There, Done That.

I Can Help You Gain Clarity On Your Business And Help You Identify The 20% You Need To Focus On To Grow Your Business With Internet Marketing.

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Jay Tiew Jin Jie