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Who Is Jay Tiew Jin Jie?

Jay Tiew Jin Jie

Jay Tiew Jin Jie

My Passion: "Helping Entrepreneurs & Experts Serve More Customers, While Working Less"

What comes to me easily and naturally:

1. The “Tech Stuff”:
Building websites, sales funnels, getting website visitors, creating and optimizing ads.

I’m obsessed with constantly finding areas to improve and optimize.

2. Digital Marketing:
This is all about “knowing what people want to buy” and “how can we present the offer”.

I’m not the best English writer, but I can get people to pay you for your expertise.

3. Teaching & Coaching:
Despite my background, I always keep it simple for my students and clients to understand.

I enjoy giving entrepreneurs clarity about “where they are now” and show them “how to get to where they would like to be.”

As Seen On...

I Enjoy Teaching And Helping People Improve Their Skills.
You may check out my courses here:

My Embarrassing Past...

What Did I Do Before Digital Marketing?

My First Business Venture After I Finished University…
I Created A Board Game About Entrepreneurship.

My 2nd Attempt At Business…
I’m Very Interested In Computers, Laptops As Well As Teaching Others How To Use The Computer.

I Understand The Challenges As A Coach Or Business Owner.
It Isn’t Easy, If You Don’t Have Anyone To Guide You.

" To Increase Profits, You Need To Work Less "

Are You Spending Too Much Time On Social Media, Blogging And Getting Visitors Only To Get Little Or No Results For Your Efforts?
Been There, Done That.

I Can Help You Gain Clarity On Your Business And Help You Identify The 20% You Need To Focus On To Grow Your Business With Internet Marketing.

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Jay Tiew Jin Jie