Attention Business Owners Who Are Burning Cash With Facebook Ads

You Paid Facebook To Do What ???

"I've got so many clicks, but ZERO sales!"

Does that sound familiar?

The feeling of looking at your Ad Account
only to realize "whoop, we lost money again".

It is the same feeling amateur investors get
when they look at their portfolio.

"But I'm already applying the latest trick
from that new course..."

If that sounds creepily familiar,
it is because I've been in your shoes.

So who am I?

The photo you saw wasn’t a pattern interrupt.

It was how I treated my money,
or more specifically,
how I treated my Ad Budget in 2015.

I was spending thousands and thousands of dollars
trying to make my online ads ‘work’.

Trying a different Ad Image…
Trying a new Ad Headline…
Trying different Ad Targeting...

I’m ashamed to say this…
I even tried copying the exact same ad my competitor is using.

The results?

But since you are hearing this from me now,
you know something happened…
“What was the magic pill that saved you?”

there was no magic pill.
In fact, there was never any magic pill.

But I realized something...

There are 5 parts to creating a profitable marketing campaign,
and I only focused on 1 piece.

I was missing the forest from the trees!

And that was my new goal
“learn all the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle.”

I’ve spent the next few years of my life
learning and experimenting EVERYTHING related to internet marketing.

Name any shiny object during 2015 - 2019
in the internet marketing space and I’ll tell you
“Yes, I tried that before”
or “Yes, I bought that before”

Today not only have I figured a proven way to
generate predictable leads and increase revenue for businesses.

More importantly,
I know what businesses don’t need to do to get results.

I’ll cut to the chase and give you all the pieces of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece 1: Knowing who is willing and able to buy from you
Puzzle Piece 2: Appear in front of them the moment they ask for help
Puzzle Piece 3: Use persuasive writing to present an irresistible offer
Puzzle Piece 4: Identify which of your efforts are producing results
Puzzle Piece 5: Train Google AI to learn who are your best customers (and get more of them)

Yes… It is a lot of work.
Unlike what those internet marketing courses have you believe…

Internet marketing isn’t just putting up a beautiful website
Internet marketing isn’t just offering an eBook or discount coupon as lead magnet
Internet marketing isn’t just creating some Google or Facebook Ads to get traffic

The struggling online business owners or
digital marketing agencies who approach me for help
are often missing 1 or more of the pieces.

It is no wonder their marketing campaigns aren’t profitable.
Today when I see an unprofitable ad,
I can’t help but paint the mental image in my mind of
someone setting cash on fire.

Because they are literally burning cash.

But it isn’t their fault,
because nobody told them it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, some digital marketing agencies even told me
“this is the normal industry practice”
“digital marketing is a long term investment”

What a load of bull.

They are conditioning business owners to spend huge amounts of cash
even when the ad campaigns aren’t profitable.

I even suspect they are intentionally doing that
just so they can collect higher commissions
by keeping the amount of ad spent high.

That is similar to someone who talking you into
setting you cash on fire
so they can keep themselves warm.

I’ve seen snake oil salesman that have more integrity than this.

So Why Is My Google Ads
Strategy Different?

- Highly Motivated Buyers (I only show ads to people who want to buy)
- Predictable & Effective Ads (I train Google AI to discover profit opportunities)

Have you been showing ads to people who never asked for help?

Did you know,
showing your ads to people who never asked
is worst than receiving a cold call?

Not only are you interrupting your prospects,
you are preventing them from accessing their
favourite website, App or game.

In other words,
running Ads to people who never asked for help
is paying annoying your customers.

What if there was another way?

How will your business be different when you
only appear exactly when customers are looking for answers?

Yes, customers are looking for help
and at that exact moment, you show up.

You show up and
be the hero to save them.

“But how can I achieve this?”

This is the 1st Secret I’ll reveal to you…

“Keywords are the Keys to your success.”

That means instead of using generic keywords
like most Google Ads ‘specialist’ I’ve met,
I use only keywords with buying intent.

Yes, when done correctly
you can be that selective
and not blow your ad budget.

And to make things even sweeter,
you'll only pay when customers take you up on your offer.

This is because when running Google Ads,
you only pay when someone clicks on your Ads.

Yes, you do not need to pay anything
if your ad is shown and the prospect doesn't click on it.

In fact, I go one step further.
Some clients find what I’m about to show you very “spooky”.
But none of them complain when
they look at the results.

Did you know Google Ads uses artificial intelligence (AI)
to predict who is most likely to buy?

I train the Google Ads AI to communicate with websites.

This means the website is telling Google Ads AI who is taking action and what they are doing.

Google Ads AI will then use this information
to predict with even greater accuracy
who will be the most likely buyer
and show ads to them.

What does that mean for your business?
It means reaching people who are ready to buy
It means predictable and effective advertising
It means the ability the regain control over your business

Can you see why this way of advertising
breaks all the rules of marketing?

And this is why Google Ads is
the preferred method for profitable business
to acquire new customers.

And this is how I’ve helped my clients
unleash a tidal wave of buyers
to their business.

Here is what they say...

Sabine Matharu

Hi my name is Sabine Matharu.

I'm double best-selling author on amazon inside the self-help niche and I'm also the head coach of reach for greatness.

Jay has really helped me position myself as a leader in this field and as an authority.
He helped me with my branding and ultimately he helped me to work less.

Now if you are looking for a digital marketing person who uses really who understands the technology and will take care of the tech overwhelm and then absolutely you need to work with Jay.

Sabine Matharu​

Reach For Greatness

Yeap Soon Aik

Hi, I'm Mr. Yeap Soon Aik, from Mymaxpro Trading.

I've been selling computer parts through e-commerce since 2004.

Jay has helping us expand our business through digital marketing.

If you are looking for help with digital marketing expert, look no further, Jay is the right person.

Yeap Soon Aik

Mymaxpro Trading

My FIRST Testimonial
(in 2015)

Zane Baker

Hi Zane Baker here the founder of the Valhalla Hind community on Facebook.

About a year ago I started a Facebook page and it really took off within about six months.

And then I was faced with the dilemma. The page was growing and I had to keep pumping content and stuff on the page to keep it growing and to keep people engaged with the page.

And that's when I needed somebody to help me with my page and that's when I ran to jay and he's being the admin of my page for about six months.

And since he took over being the admin of the page he made sure the responses on people who are engaging with the page are timely.

He made sure that posts are made on time served to my community and I just loved how innovative and creative he is in finding content that's resonate with my page and resonate with my people.

He is so hands-on he even took over the the image creation for some of the posts so he can free up some of my time to actually do the things that my page like, like writing articles and making sure that that that I serve them on my blog and on my newsletter.

And since I had Jay I can't say anything but positive about the guy he he did above and beyond for my page and I am really happy that he's taken off with his career as a Facebook page admin and making sure that other businesses are growing their page just like me.

And if you're interested please check out Jay please give him a chance he's done wonders for me and I'm sure you can do the same for you.

Thank you.

Zane Baker

Coach, Founder of

Not only did they get more buyers,
more sales and profits.
I realized I was doing something more…

They now have options.

The option to say “NO” to customers who only buy because of low prices.
The option to say “NO” to customers who don’t appreciate their work.
The option to say “NO” to customers who turn their passion into a chore.

Options that they wouldn’t have today
if they didn’t take action and implement Jay’s Google Ad Profits.

Allow me to ask you a question…

“ “How much have ineffective digital marketing cost you?”

And the answer shouldn’t just be a dollar amount.

Cost in terms of stress suffered because of clients from hell
Cost in terms of sleepless nights because you are concerned about meeting payroll
Cost in terms of working at long hours, sometimes odd hours,
unable to spend time with loved ones
because you couldn’t say “No” to the customer

There are 2 ways you can put a stop to this nightmare

1. Do It Yourself,
which is exactly how I got myself to where I am today.

Expect to spend the next 6 - 12 months
trying to put all pieces of the puzzle together.

That includes:

  • Taking Courses And Get Personal Coaching From Proven Digital Marketing Experts
  • Hiring Top Copywriters To Write Persuasive Ads, Emails And Web Pages,
  • Hiring Funnel Builders To Build Profitable Sales Funnels
  • Hiring A Web Developer Who Implements All Your Ideas
  • Hiring A Data Analyst Who Is Familiar With Google Ads Ai
  • Hiring A Google Ads Specialist
  • Creating & Implementing Your Digital Marketing Strategy And
  • (The Fun Part) Manage Everyone Involved In The Operation.

Which will cost you anywhere from $ 50,000 - $ 200,000
and 6 - 12 months of additional work
on top of what you are already doing.

Or you could apply to work directly with me.

A word of caution...

I have to be upfront and very blunt with you:
Jay’s Google Ad Profits isn’t for everyone.

It is for business owners who have realistic expectations,
willing to invest and willing to make a short term sacrifice
in order to gain a permanent digital marketing solution.

A typical business will be expected to invest
anywhere from $ 10,000 - $ 50,000
and open to sharing 5% -10% of the additional profits
I help bring in.

Why am I setting these terms?

It is because I only want to help the right clients.

If you are looking for a magic pill to cure
all your marketing problems
without any effort from your side,
this is not for you.

I can’t promise you’ll get only the best customers
in the first 3 months of implementing Jay’s Google Ad Profits.

But I can guarantee:
you’ll have more qualified prospects without making cold calls
you’ll have more qualified prospects without blowing your ad budget
you’ll have more qualified prospects even when they can’t leave their house

If you feel this is a fair and reasonable business decision,
then you’ll want to submit your application here:

Allow me to be upfront and inform you
due to the amount of time and attention required for each client,
I’m very selective about who I choose to work with.

My team rejects over 90% of the applications we receive,
and we only looking to onboard only 1 (one)
new client during October 2021.

Why only 1 new client?

This is due to the amount of work and attention required from me
to create a successful & profitable digital marketing campaign.

Once I’ve onboarded this new client,
all my ads will be paused and
the application process will be stopped until
this client has a successful & profitable digital marketing campaign.
Check if the application process is still available: link